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Car Accident Claims Process

It is important to report the accident to the insurer or an insurance agent that you work with. One must the agent or insurer the driver of the car at the time of the accident, time that the accident took place, the location of the accident, the extent of the damage, some information about how the accident happened, the name of the other driver involved in the accident, insurance information of the other driver, and other people who are involved in the accident.

Photos taken at the accident scene can help the insurance adjuster to determine the extent of the damage.

The insurer will then give a person a claim number which they must remember. At the scene of the accident, one should file a police report. It is still possible to file a police report later on if one was unable to file the report at the scene of the accident.

An insurance adjuster will then reach you after they are assigned to your case to gather more information about the accident. If there were any witnesses to an accident, an insurance adjuster may want to know this information so that they can investigate the accident.

The extent of damage to a car will be determined by the insurance adjuster when they carry out an inspection of the car or they may send someone to a repair shop for inspection. It is the job of an insurance adjuster to determine who is at fault in a claims case. In some cases, both parties are at fault in an accident case.

Sometimes insurance companies come together to get a settlement especially when they can’t agree who is at fault. It is the work of an insurance company to represent a client in court when they are at fault. If the other driver is at fault and they are refusing to pay compensation after one has been injured, one may need to get a lawyer to represent them.

When compensation is delayed, one may need to get a lawyer to get the compensation quickly especially if one has medical bills. One can be able to choose their own repair shop when a damaged car needs fixing.

Some people choose to use the repair shops that the insurance companies recommend. The advantage of using the repair shops that an insurance company recommends is that if there are any additional repairs required, they will be approved quickly.
When evaluation of a policy is carried out and the policy is checked, one may get a partial payment for their claim. People can then get the final payment after a release is signed that confirms that they have received the payment.

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