Selecting a particular pet

There are advantages and disadvantages of keeping different kinds of pets and the pet owner has to consider his or her budget before selecting a pet. For some pets like dogs and cats a lot of care is required, as they have to fed regularly, taken for walks, and the excreta has to be cleaned up. They will also roam around the house and may damage household items like furniture, appliances, and attack small children, babies , so money may have to be spent on repairs, medical bills. Though the birds are kept in a cage, they have to be fed regularly and their cage has to be cleaned. They may be also attacked by cats and dogs in the neighbours

Tortoises are relatively low maintenance pets, however it is difficult to find a supplier for a tortoise in India because of the restrictions of indian wildlife act. There are some retailers who claim that they can supply foreign tortoises, imported from singapore and other countries. Though tortoises will roam around the house, they do not make the house dirty, and live for a long time, so the vet bills for the tortoises will be relatively less. However it is difficult to trace the tortoise which is roaming all around the house and hiding in different corners of the house.

Selecting a particular pet

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